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My three favorite wild flavors!

(Number 1)

Wild Onions, garlic, leeks, and shallots, including their wild forms, are all part of the Allium or onion genus. They are very nutritous and can help keep you safe from cancers and heart disease. The whole plant is edible.

(Number 2)

My personal favorite! SUMAC (no not the poisonous one with white berries) Smooth Sumac and Staghorn Sumac are both very high in vitamin C! Research studies demonstrate Sumac controls or prevents a number of chronic diseases that often come with aging! Higher in antioxidants than even the Acai Berry as an anti-aging elixir! Seep Sumac berries overnight to make powerful superfood beverage (to me taste like) if you combined lemonade with green apple! Sumac berries can be added to olive oil as a zesty spice to coat meat or drizzle over a salad! Harvest and seep berries toward the end of summer! (I do this every year and put some in freezer! I always run out before next season) it’s that good!

(Number 3)

You’ll find wood sorrel in all parts of the world; species diversity is particularly rich in South America. Humans have used wood sorrel for food and medicine for millennia. The Kiowa Indians chewed on wood sorrel to alleviate thirst with a lemony flavor and the Cherokee ate the plant to cure mouth sores. The leaves are a great source of vitamin C. The roots of the wood sorrel can be boiled. They’re starchy and taste a bit like a potato!

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