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Why I’m obsessing over one bag and Prep Yourself!

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I think the ideal of one bag came about because that’s all one person could realistically carry comfortably to reach a point of safety! So I guess there’s a touch of a prepper desire there I’m trying to achieve! Yes, some will say “well I have a bug out vehicle sooo” or bunker, safe house, guns and two year food cache! That is all great! I have nothing against that approach......... but when I hear an idea or a plan I carefully analyze every pro and con of that situation for myself!

The first thing I get hung up on is.... it’s sounds a little absurd to me to even think a situation could happen that was so severe it would force us to pursue such drastic measures! .... Ya know... you here of preppers being called crazy all the time! Let’s assume they are not so if we are going to assume something like this could happen in our life time then (to me) I can’t help but assume it will never end!

With that in consideration I look at the “bunker” solution again! I don’t think that’s for me! It looks like you have created yourself a prisoner cell and remember we are assuming forever! That will also eliminate the two year food supply unless of course that’s as long as you’re planning to live! Really not many options left unless you have your own self sustaining settlement!

Now, let’s look at that! A Settlement would provide all you needed to last if you were already off grid but now you have become a target and it’s kind of hard to hide it or move it! You will defend it! Possibly but shots are gonna carry more people are going to gather until it’s essentially just you against an army! For me (that’s out) That only leaves one bag and what you can carry in it! You can continue to be mobile and you can still hide if need be! If we are still assuming it will never end then motor vehicles are going to only get you so far making them unreliable! (Why even assume it will never end?) I think if it gets that bad it will take a while to fix its self! I also think that after a while of lawless freedom the people are not going to want the government to retake control!

To “ Prep Yourself” is the only logical solution I can come up with for what ever life throws at you! Fill your bag with the tools you need to continually improve whatever situation out find yourself in! The rest comes down to knowledge so, learn as much as you can and continue to learn! Create every experience that you think you need and practice it! Get out and do! Don’t wonder ... find out! Challenge yourself! Use your one bag of gear to actually see what you need and what you don’t! If a SHTF event ever happens you will be more ready than you are now! If it doesn’t you still get to use that gear and enjoy the fruits of the outdoors! The only one certainty is you can trust yourself! So “Prep Yourself!”

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