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A tool for the Greater Good

I WOULD LOVE to see the “Settlers Wrench” used for a greater good! Not just for those of us that “want” it but for the ones that need it! I mean really need it! Imagine at the very least they could make some type of crafts to sell and feed their family! They could build cages to catch their own food! Imagine them building fences and using the Settlers Wrench to improve their living conditions! (Of course they would have access to some brush or small trees)

I often sit and wonder if this tool could be useful on mission trips? I’m sure some of the indigenous children are already more capable of building with their natural resources than most of us bushcrafting adults! The real question is, “What could they do with it?”

It’s simplicity lends itself to infinite possibilities! Bushcrafters, Campers, Hikers and Homesteaders, but could it have potential for the Homeless, Indigenous Peoples, Mission work, Youth Scout Troops, Bushcraft Schools and who knows maybe even Military! Only time will tell and I’ll continue to push to find a way to use it for the Greater Good!

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