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A Place For “You” To Learn, Practice and Teach

I’ve been paying close attention to what I find on this journey! I’m lucky enough to be able to talk to my fellow bushcrafters from all over the world! One of the things that I hear from them all too often is “I can’t get out and in the woods because!” For some it’s they are city bound, nowhere to go, I don’t have the land and in some places it’s actually even illegal to go out and enjoy the natural wonders of the outdoors!

This lead me to do a little research! In nearly every state the government has set public land aside for nearly every recreational activity! For fishing, boating, hiking, hunting, camping and etc. But nothing for those of us interested in practicing bushcraft and self reliance. Why is that? I suppose it’s mostly in fear we would destroy the Forrest! ( Now That is a worthy concern) So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of way to create and manage an area that Bushcrafters and those seeking self reliance knowledge could go and Learn, Practice and teach these lost arts!

(My idea)

An interactive Bushcraft and Self Reliance Settlement where no matter your skill level there’s a place for you to Learn, Practice and/or Teach!

Think of it as Six Flags or Disneyland but for Bushcraft and Self Reliance! You can go and visit for a day or a week! Instead of hotels maybe stay in the Yurt village! Instead of a roller coaster you can spend all day practicing the art of primitive fire or bow making! Maybe, work on your debris shelter skills then go check out traps and primitive fishing then onto cabin building! Have a bite of lunch at the wild game cooking area where again, you can Learn, Practice or Teach! After lunch learn how to tan hides, identify wild edibles or pound out the perfect blade at the blacksmith forge!

Sounds interesting but is it possible? (YES!) and I believe I have the perfect formula to make it successful! If it’s possible to achieve one no reason to think having an accessible Bushcraft and Self Reliance Settlement in your area (wherever you are) is not possible as well! Imagine a place where everyone could go to Learn, Practice and Teach!

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1 Comment

Roach Bullock
Roach Bullock
Dec 16, 2019

Im intrigued, I share your idea and would love to see something like this happen. Bushcraft is something that should be freely shared and we should have something open to the for like minded peers to come together.

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