Solo Mess Kit
  • Solo Mess Kit

    The “Solo Mess Kit” is a constant work in progress! I had the unique opportunity to design my own mess kit from the ground up! I started with a robust webbed military style canvas carrying bag! Of course I wanted a liter bottle with a large nesting cup that could double as a pot! Straining lid for my coffee and various teas! I don’t really use the pocket stoves much so I chose the hanging pot option! The fish tongs spring in perfectly to the holes in the pot! Yes you can even actually use the fish tongs in the mouth of a fish to hang over the fire! I wanted the shoulder strap for day hikes and I went a head added some belt loop snaps if you chose! I’m still on the fence as to what I want in the front pocket! My original thought was a fire kit, but I already use the necklaces to start my fire so that option is still open! Some kind of nice square tin kit would fit in this pocket perfectly! (Maybe a fishing kit) the possibilities are endless so for now to each his own!

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