“Settlers Wrench"  (Read Description) Less Than Perfect (Wait List)
  • “Settlers Wrench" (Read Description) Less Than Perfect (Wait List)

    SKU: 005

    Due to demand and New Partners in distribution all drawing from the same supply we had to move manufactoring! In such a crazy time its a slow process but should be a bump up in quantity and quality! Manufactoring is saying tools should return in March (Since anything can happen Ill Say April) but you never know, could be sooner! With all Distribution coming from the same supply I am only guaranteed enough tools to fulfill the orders I have. In an effort to make sure all my people get the chance to get a Wrench all i can do is RE-OPEN the Wait List!  Since I Cant Guarantee every single tool will be up to my standards when it arrives, all I can do is offer all the tools at the "Less than Perfect" price! Whats that mean for you? It Means by getting on this wait list you are guaranteed a tool from our first available shipment (Could be March, April or sooner) It also means you could be getting a perfect tool for the less than perfect price! (If you dont mind the wait, this is the most reasonable solution to the production delay and demand issue!) Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!


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