“Settlers Wrench” with Sheath (less than perfect) Wait List.
  • “Settlers Wrench” with Sheath (less than perfect) Wait List.

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    “By Popular Demand” I’ve created a permanent (Wait List) for the less than perfect “Settlers Wrench’s” Our loss is your gain! Some come off the line with a few dings and scratches! All will still function as designed, they're just not winning any beauty contest! Heres your chance to pick up a perfectly good Settlers Wrench for a fraction of the cost. (I have no plans to stop production any time soon so there should always be a supply of less than perfect tools) They will be shipped in the order they were received. In some cases yours may be coming out of the next shipment! Settlers Wrench (Inspired by ALONE on HISTORY ) - (Made the ALONE gear list 2020) and was one of my Ten Items! (Featured on "Southern Survival" On NETFLIX S1E3 2020The "Settlers Wrench" is a GAME CHANGER for Bushcrafters, Survivalist, Homestaeders, Hikers, Campers or anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Building limitless structures from a fish trap to a cabin with one light weight easy to carry tool that has infinte uses! Never run out or have to make cordage again! Recommened for soft wood and green wood working projects! (Sheath Color May Vary) *Current Wait time about a month*

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