Rustic Hardwood Hand Reel
  • Rustic Hardwood Hand Reel

    This idea solves a big problem for me and possibly you also! I love being able to have the ability to take some kind of fishing kit on all my journeys! Modern rod and reel is nice but a little too impractical crawling through cracks and under trees! The old hobo hand line is nostalgic and I like it but absolutely No fun hand lining in the winter! Thus I’ve created “if I must say” this functional piece of art! I have no plans to mass produce this as I just really wanted a solution to my problem, with that being I don’t mind knocking a few out in my spare time! Of course it takes a few days to turn it, glue it, stain it, poly it, tune it and test it! So if you’re not in a big hurry or I don’t have to make a thousand, I really think you’ll enjoy this as much as I do! (Currently made to order.)

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