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Powertac Tactical Rechargeable  Flashlight
  • Powertac Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight

    Key Features:

    2550 Lumen output & compact size

    Perfect Balance of Everyday Carry (EDC) & Tactical Light Features

    Crenellated bezel for self-defense

    Instant strobe function

    9,703 Candela

    2550 Lumen Output

    The Powertac E9R GEN4 delivers a 2550 lumen output that offers exceptional vibrance, fully illuminating any direct or nearby details. Powered with the included 18650 battery, the E9R GEN4 features impressively long runtimes for far-reaching brightness to help with any task. Built with digital circuit-control technology for max performance and long runtimes, the efficient E9R GEN4 can work for up to 2 hours on a single charge

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